Eltisley Families

Notable families from Eltisley include the Desboroughs (Disbrowe). John Disbrowe purchased that Manor of Eltisley after his marriage to Jane Cromwell, sister of Oliver.

Most of the family names in Eltisley derive from their location rather than traditional Anglo Saxon occupation-based names. You will therefore find a lot of “tons” and “boroughs” throughout Eltisley’s history. This is borne out in many of the village’s gravestones and fallen heroes (Frank Riseley’s surname deriving from the Bedfordshire village and George Childerley’s from a hamlet of nearby Dry Drayton in Cambridgeshire)

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Dorothy Jessie Alford is probably Eltisley’s first centenarian. Born in 1896, she died in 1990.

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Dolly Brown ran the Old House Tea Room with her sister Ida.

The Old House


A popular family name in Eltisley, no fewer than 7 Chandlers can be found in the church graveyard.

Peter Chandler (not buried in the village) was the first landlord of The Beehive public house.


Childerleys can be found throughout Eltisley’s history. George Childerley, one of Eltisley’s fallen heroes, died on 15th August 1916 in combat in France.

George Childerley


The Desborough or Disbrowe family were lords of the manor in Eltisley in the 17th Century. John Desborough was a prominent figure in the English Civil War. He married Jane Cromwell, sister of Oliver Cromwell.


Eversden is a popular name in Eltisley, named after the local village.

Eversdens buried in Eltisley


A prominent family in 14th century, the then owners of Manor Farm


Another geographically based name, there are many Haynes in Eltisley. Most notable are Jabez and Elizabeth landlords of The Beehive, who are both buried in Eltisley.


The Eltisley public house was formerly called The Leeds Arms after the family who built the pub.

The Eltisley


Ida ran the tea rooms with sister Dolly Brown. She was also governess to Princess Ileana, the youngest daughter of Queen Marie of Romania.


A great name to have if you live in Eltisley. Husband and wife, Richard and Ellen lived to 98 and 97 respectively at the turn of the 20th century, when the average life expectancy was just 54 years.

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George Douglas Cochrane Newton, Baron Eltisley of Croxton K.B.E. was a High Steward of the Borough of Cambridge and MP. He also gave land to the trustees to build The Institute and the village school still bears his name.