Roger’s Ramblings – May 2015

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In our Pocket Park we have enjoyed Snowdrops, Aconites, Daffodils and now the 1500 Bluebell bulbs we planted are emerging well only to be nibbled off by, presumably, muntjac or rabbits. I think there will be a good show but not as spectacular as planned. Similarly in my garden herons have cleared my pond of fish, I have an infestation of rabbits the likes of which I have never seen before and moles are attempting to transfer what little grass remains into a lunar landscape, and now a muntjac has been spotted crossing my lawn. I love wildlife but sometimes would really love it to be somewhere else!

And talking of wildlife, I continue to receive reports of dog fouling. If you are aware of the offending owners report them to SCDC Environmental Health, you can do this anonymously, and they will prosecute. The other current recurring problem is cars parking on pavements particularly outside the School and in St. Neots Road. This is both inconsiderate and dangerous, it can force pedestrians to walk into the road and creates particular problems for those with disabilities.

You will have noticed that the planned works to prevent the erosion of The Green along Cross Path are in hand. By moving the restriction posts all the properties bar two can be accessed by larger vehicles from the Church end alleviating the need for these to travel the length of the road, and I would urge you all not to use it as a short cut, to go round by the Bus Shelter is safer and takes less than 10 seconds longer.

On the subject of roads, the news of the planned dualing of the A428 is most welcome but is still some years away, and in the interim, the current road becomes busier daily. We need to keep up the pressure on the Authorities for improvements to our junctions. Do write to your District and County Councillors, the Police, the Highways Agency and in particular, your new MP and Transport Minister. It is only the loudest voices that are heard.

As you know the last government created an extra tier of Policing, namely the Police and Crime Commissioner, and in Cambridgeshire we have Sir Graham Bright. Sir Graham has appointed Rebecca Avery to join his already quite large team in the form of Outreach Worker. Rebecca is going to attend the Annual Parish Meeting which precedes the Parish Council AGM on 12th May at the Cade. The meeting will begin at the earlier time of 7.00pm, and if you feel that local policing is becoming less effective (I certainly do!) then come along and send a clear message back to the Commissioner. The Annual Parish Meeting is, of course, your opportunity to raise any issues you wish concerning the Parish. The AGM of the PC will commence at around 8.00pm and will be followed by a meeting of the EVGT. Please come along.

As always, praise or problems to me at 45 Caxton End or on 01480 880122 or or our Clerk Jane Bowd on 01480 468451 or

Roger Pinner Chairman Eltisley PC